I think it’s a huge mistake to ask for the things, that you’re strong enough to get for yourself. Don’t ask for handouts, don’t ask for an easier life, but work every single day towards becoming stronger. So many of us fail ourselves because we never take the time to develop ourselves and the reason behind it, is that you don’t know whether or not you will achieve greatness.

The reality of life is that you feel confident only when you know that you’ve done your best. When you know, that you’re doing the best you can to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve, you develop a sense of self-contentment and that’s what this life is really all about.

You’re on the edge between order and chaos and that’s what living is all about. So, to wrap this up, think about it – we have got this free time, we’re in quarantine, take a good look at yourself and try to figure this out –

“Am I operating in faith or fear?”

“Am I operating in growth or expansion?”

“Where am I going to be in 5 years from now?”

If I don’t feel alive answering these questions, maybe it’s because I’m not going after anything that would really make me feel alive. Fear is a target indicator if you want to build yourself an identity and gain the maximum amount of confidence and fulfillment – DO THE THING YOU FEAR, UNTIL THE DEATH OF FEAR IS CERTAIN.

Let’s get after it!

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