⚜️ In this episode we have Orlando “Andy” Wilson @artfulgypzy of Risks Incorporated @risksinc joining us to discuss express kidnapping… what it is and how it works, the social dynamics of executive protection, NGOs, and private security. As well as the differences between executive protection in the US vs overseas and much more!!



A private investigator and writer that has worked internationally at all levels of the specialist security and investigation industry for over 30 years. He has first-hand experience with international law enforcement agencies dealing with kidnapping, organized crime and Mafia groups.


He has coordinated projects around the world and his experience has ranged from providing close protection/bodyguard services for Middle Eastern Royal families and varied corporate clients, kidnap and ransom services, corporate intelligence, and para-military training for private individuals, tactical police units, and government agencies.


💻 https://risks-incorporated.com

💻 https://tohff.com


Podcast Show Notes

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:18 - Orlando’s background
00:09:12 - Who is Orlando Wilson at his core? 
00:12:31 - Orlando’s general area of operation
00:17:41 - Definition of express kidnapping
00:25:20 - The social dynamics of executive protection
00:35:06 - Major differences between EP in the US vs overseas
00:43:38 - Advice for the new guys getting into EP
00:51:35 - NGOs and private security
01:03:06 - Orlando’s favorite subject to teach
01:07:36 - Closing questions


I’m sure every professional protector will learn from this discussion! 

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Protector by nature and by trade


🎥 Video editing by @art_production07

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