Another CCW training day with Artifex, one of the local trainers in my area. In my opinion, if you are a CCW carrying civilian you should be undergoing continuous training. A composition of training events, shooting competitions and dry firing will keep you sharper than most professionals who carry a gun.

If you can try to shoot some type of live fire a few times a month just to stay warm. Daniel Frazier, the Chief Instructor at the Artifex Firearms Training is someone, I submit to and love training with because he makes me better.

Benefiting from criticism and outside scrutiny is something you really want on your journey to self-improvement in any area so shooting with someone who can help expose your weaknesses is the goal.

Anyone who asked me what gun they want to buy gets told that most gun brands work well these days so picking a gun is more like dating than anything else but never forget. Rookie spends money on hardware, PROFESSIONALS spend money on software so first and foremost make sure you get some good training.

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– Byron

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