This is one course I think everyone should take simply because of the frequency in which we all drive vehicles. We use vehicles almost every single day of life on this planet and vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death and one of the most dangerous things we all do on a daily basis.

Because we use these tools so frequently I personally feel like a class on tactical driving is something that should be normal for civilians but almost mandatory for protection professionals. The AS3 tactical driving course I attended with Aaron Mauldin in this video was the best driving course I’ve experienced so far.

The training staff didn’t let anything slip by and focused on you to make sure you made the improvements necessary. The training was very challenging and all of the training I’ve done this one was the hardest for me to score as high as I usually do on, even though I’ve driven and motorcade all over the world frequently since 2008 when I started in this industry.

This is something different, and this course will explore your weaknesses and show you ways to improve them. The best part is everything is recorded and you get to see your data which means you get to see your improvement. I look forward to training more with Pablo and AS3 in the future and can’t wait for them to roll out level two, three, and so on.
Protector by nature and by trade
– Byron

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