⚜️Here’s an interesting event that took place in Haiti around the 1st of January when the PM of the country was attacked amidst the freedom celebrations in the country.

First and foremost much respect to the teams involved in this incident and my condolences for the fallen and injured. Our goal with this video is to learn what we can so we can save lives in the future. Additionally, I’d love to personally invite anyone who was present for or was a part of the security team during this incident to my podcast.

Please reach out to me directly if interested at:
👉 admin@bravoresearchgroup.com

I believe by having a more accurate after-action report we can learn even more that can help save the lives of agents within our industry.

Most of the talking points are in the video but for the cliff notes, always make sure your advance agents are clearing your path. Make sure you understand where is your line of no return is when traveling through dead space. Before entering dead space make sure you know where you’re going and that it is clear where you’re going back to in case you get engaged. Think through every equation before you enter it and you will be able to navigate these equations more effectively.

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