⚜️ In this episode, we have Yossi Levy co-founder and CEO of Pivot Consulting @pivot.consulting. I personally work with Yossi in Israel, and he’s one of my favorite go-to fixtures and security consultants for that part of the world. We discuss the unfortunate and tragic events that have taken place in the state of Israel.


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Yossi Levy served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as an operative and commander and gained proven combat experience in many operations as part of his service duty. He then joined an intelligence unit as a collecting field operative while working in hostile civilian environments.

Following that, he served in a special police surveillance and intelligence unit. 


He was deployed in many areas worldwide such as the Americas, and Europe. He established and conducted training programs in the following operational fields “Humint”, surveillance, counter surveillance, threat and vulnerability risk assessments, Security training, and cyber security.


He has managed many complex operations and commanded numerous teams worldwide. Since 2018, Yossi and his team have operated and provided services in North America, Focusing on Education institutions security, financial institutions, and cyber security.


💻 https://pivot-sec.com

💻 https://linkedin.com/company/pivot-consulting

💻 https://linkedin.com/in/yossi-levy-285b35b8


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