For this episode, I simply sat down and clicked off safe for a heartfelt conversation with the industry. I talk about hard skills/soft skills, career moves, and changes I see coming up in the industry. 


I talk quite a bit about violence and how we as protectors must be formidable and able to deal with it otherwise we are nothing more than butlers with guns. It’s a tough and harsh statement but what is the true differentiator between us and our customer’s personal assistants? In a nutshell, the difference is that our function is to protect and 99% of the time superior systems and soft skills do suffice to get that job done very well. 


However, who would we be if we also didn’t train for the hard skills to make sure we can always deliver? Our clients hire us for the delivery of high-quality protection services and I argue that if you are not formidable at the hard skills as well then you are nothing more than a concierge. 


We need our soft skills, we need our hard skills and we need to train for them both. We should all push to be well-balanced and as capable as possible and in as many areas as possible, that may be required to render the highest quality of service. 


I feel like our industry has gotten away from this reality leaning far too heavily in one direction conveniently, you’ll understand as you listen to the episode. Note, this is not all about guns but rather being able to bring protection tactics and tools to bear when necessary no matter what your environment is. It’s about the fact that we are hired to protect and that sometimes requires both hard and soft skills. Those that run from this truth are playing the wrong game in my opinion.


Enjoy and come train with us ?BOOM!



Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers | @byron_rodgers


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