⚜️ I’m dedicating this podcast to showcasing The League’s results. I’ve told our members in the past that there’s a place in this industry for everyone… those who’ve taken me up on the offer, have found their place, and are launching new and exciting careers in the private security industry.


Two times a month, I host Zoom meetings for members to share new opportunities and enhance our skills, strategies, and marketing tactics.


As we build our careers together, I wanted to show you how our systems work, the success everyone is experiencing, and the overall support everyone receives.


Hear from our students and current League members as they share their advice and “two cents” regarding our proven blueprint. Their first-hand testimony is truly powerful and priceless! They give insight into the value they are receiving from our training and networking. Furthermore, they demonstrate the contribution-centric culture we are building within our sister/brotherhood and the executive protection industry. 


I’m sure every professional protector will learn from this cast!


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Protector by nature and by trade



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