⚜️Bon Bon @bonbonsnguns is one of the most influential architects of female protector avatars that I want to encourage in the world. Protection is an extremely organic component of womanhood. The reality is women are desired by men who are naturally aggressive, which makes women a natural target. They are most vulnerable and there is statistical data that confirm that reality.


The truth that women are generally less physically potent does not mean that women should be less dangerous. At the Protector Nation, we believe all good people should be dangerous and part of being truly good is being formidable. Therefore, this is why I brought Bon Bon on to this podcast. She is a single mother with the type of past that taught her that personal protection should be a priority in her life which will empower her to live her life more freely and safely.


She has spent considerable time training with different firearm tactics and now is very capable with her firearm. Another cool thing about this episode is she will demonstrate different ways for females to carry their firearms, which many struggle with in their concealed-armed journey. 


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Bon Bon Podcast show notes

00:00 - Introduction
01:30 - What guided Bon Bon into the tactical space
12:12 - Concealed carry for women
16:42 - Off-body carry for females
25:09 - You can focus on being afraid or being prepared
38:00 - California vs Texas
40:22 - Closing questions

🎥 Video editing by @art_production07



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