???BOOM! This episode is for anyone looking to become an executive protection specialist or for those in the industry that would like to take their career to the next level and learn how to market themselves so they simply have more options for professional elevation. 


I get asked all the time, how do I get into the private security industry and become an executive protection agent? I have people from all backgrounds sending me messages on all social media platforms asking me this question. The truth is simply that I’ve created a pipeline to turn you into an executive protection specialist. 


We have established the effectiveness of this pipeline by running hundreds of agents through it over the years and I’ve helped many start  new careers in executive protection. At this point, I’ve mentored and helped hundreds of individuals in our industry. Which has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and it’s also validated our concept, strategy, and processes for making high-quality executive protection professionals and helping them grow their careers. 


I will make you an executive protection specialist if you are willing to give me a little bit of trust and do the work… this is what we do at The League of Executive Protection Specialists. 


In this podcast, I give you a little of my background and how I got started in the executive protection industry and ultimately into training and forging new agents. I share with you some clips of student testimonials and some of their experiences post-course completion.


Our mission is to bring greater honor, respect, and legitimacy to the private security industry.


I touch on marketing yourself, winning contracts, and much more…

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Protector by nature and by trade

Byron Rodgers | @byron_rodgers

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