“I realize I’m already behind the eight ball,” he continued. “I’m already at a tremendous disadvantage. He’s got his gun out, it’s pointed at Tori, Tori’s about 15 yards from him, and he’s walking really, really fast. He’s going to be at her in about two or three seconds.”

BJ is a seven-time Desert Racing Champion, and two-time Ironman Baja 1000 Champion but he’s also a Protector.

This interview is about a real-world gun fight that BJ Baldwin engaged in order to save his wife Tori’s life. There are many stories out there with tips and tricks on what you should do from reputable individuals to give great information but in this episode, you will get a blow-by-blow of what it’s really like for a well-trained civilian to engage in mortal combat with his CCW weapon.

Listen very closely to the way he moves through this encounter, put yourself in the position and learn everything you can from this. Notice the difference between the way a trained mind navigates this scenario. Let it encourage you and inspire you never to leave your firearm at home or to get the training you need to outperform an aggressor on the day we hope you never have to fight through.

All and all BJ Baldwin is a man I genuinely respect. He is extremely intelligent and extremely accomplished as a professional and as a protector. But as a human being, he is definitely very special. I know many people at the top of many different games as I’ve served billionaires since I was 21 and very few are able to maintain the genuineness, caring and loving attitude I see from this man on a consistent and regular basis.

I consider him a friend and it was such an honor for him to take the time to share his experience in order to help us all get better together.

Know more about BJ and Tori here

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