⚜️ In this episode I speak with many professionals at the 2024 Close Protection Conference. You get some insight from the perspective of new agents starting their careers in the executive protection industry. A MUST-SEE 👀 AND/OR LISTEN! 🎧


🗣️ Thomas Ryan – https://linkedin.com/company/dataconnectors
🗣️ Nadia Daniel – https://linkedin.com/in/nadia-daniel-3bb70b169
🗣️ JoAnn Buettner – https://nadjoepass.com
🗣️ Vincent Levy – https://linkedin.com/in/vincentlevy8011 


💻 https://ips-board.org/cpc2023


👉 Enjoy the full podcast at… 🎧 https://bit.ly/epl-podcast-s06-e186 and also you can view all of our Executive Protection Lifestyle podcasts at 🎙️ https://executiveprotectionlifestyle.com


🤜🤛 Protector by nature and by trade / MAN OF PEACE / @Byron_Rodgers


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