⚜️ For this podcast episode we have industry veteran Mark Groce @cherubexecutiveservice owner and founder of Cherub Executive Service. We discuss many topics… pls refer to the show notes below for details.





Mark Groce, has 20 years of experience in executive protection, counter-terrorism, surveillance, and crisis management, including emergency evacuation and active shooter protocol. He has worked with award-winning recording artists, film and television entertainers, high-profile athletes, government dignitaries, socialites, and VIP corporate executives. Mark is also a martial arts practitioner, and firearms specialist, has a top-secret security clearance, issued by the DOJ, and has managed high-level security teams both domestically and internationally.


💻 https://cherubexecutiveservice.com


Podcast Show Notes

04:04 - Who is Marc Groce at his core
06:21 - What is Marc Groce looking for in new EP agents
11:57 - How long has Marc Groce been in the EP industry
14:15 - Marc Groce’s first big client
21:32 - The biggest changes in the EP industry over the years
24:56 - Some of the toughest situations that happened in the EP industry
42:09 - Advice for those who want to get into the EP industry
46:59 - The ideal client demographics
59:37 - Closing questions


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