DISCLAIMER: the professionals in this video or not doing anything wrong, they’re doing the tough part of what it is to render protection to a client. This video comes with no judgment to their actions but rather a possible solution that can assist all agents Active agents in the private security game long term.
⚜️If you haven’t read Elijah Shaw‘s new book, “Celebrity Protection and Touring“ and you’re in the executive protection industry, you might be falling behind.
One of the basic things he said that actually really stood out to me was this little conversation around the term Bodyguard versus Executive Protection Agent. Within my circles in the way I was raised in the industry, being a bodyguard it’s not necessarily the aim, the term BodyGuard was looked at as a slang term, one that we as executive protection agents cringe but that’s the only terms for civilians to understand.
In the book, Elijah illuminates the reality and makes an argument grounded in practical common sense which is simply that: use the term that the civilians understand because that’s how you can communicate to them most effectively… this caused me to realize that many of us were running from this term because we are running from a negative stigma attached to it. As always my goal is to bring Honor back to our industry and unite us all.
Reality simply is that sometimes we have to be the bad guys but I know that as we endeavor to render a higher and higher quality of service to our principles and our clients that this term can turn from something negative into something positive and that’s what I hope to contribute to. I want to encourage professionals not to be afraid to use this term because if we can all work together to improve the identity of what the world knows as a body we can all improve the quality of the reputation we all share.
The goal then I believe should be to speak to the client in the client’s language and then render a service to the client that is in keeping with the highest levels of protection and maybe in that way we can rescue this term from any negative connotations and also enjoy a better and more united future between Executive Protection Agents and BodyGuards who truly in many ways are one and the same.

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