⚜️Matthew Thomas @deputy_onetime he is the Sheriff’s Executive Officer at Pinal County. He’s a living legend and was introduced to me by some people I truly respect. His street credit as a law enforcement officer and as a good man preceded him and so I was honored when he agreed to do this podcast. 


Dealing with the things he’s been dealing with for decades down at our southern border gives him a very intense yet unique and extremely relevant story to tell as a modern-day protector. There’s just so much going on down there that the public isn’t aware of and the tectonic plates of our culture are shaking and shifting right underneath our feet without us knowing it in many cases. 


In this podcast, we cover the following:


⭕ Matt’s background

⭕ What’s really going on in Pinal County

⭕ Mexican cartel activities

⭕ His book: Interceptors | The Untold Fight Against the Mexican Cartels


And finally, we wrap up with some closing questions. Please download your .99 cent copy at ? https://mybook.to/interceptors and feel free to leave a review about the book as well after you download.

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