⚜️As you develop your Executive Protection career something you will need to understand is how to build and frame your own personal brand. This will affect you on every level of success. This aim at a specific client demographic should permeate the image you create, your resume, the way you interview, your interactions with other agents, and your entire digital footprint.
In the beginning, you will need to be humble enough to work everything you have the opportunity to work until you truly understand what part of the executive protection/private security industry truly serves you best and is most enjoyable. As you evolve with regards to your quality of service and understanding of clientele from the inside of the game, then you can really start to structure your relationships and brand to work the things you enjoy most.
This video talks about different marketing strategies that different agents use. Some strategies do not fit my personal marketing strategy but I have learned that people use them because there is a utility in most everything when it is applied within the proper context. It is important to understand the context you’d like to end up in order to understand what will be most effective for your tackle/marketing strategy.
The example we give in the book and video is simply that I will never post a picture with a client personally because my segment of the industry frowns upon a heavily. As I’ve been studying our industry closer however I’ve learned that this is a strategy that puts food on the table for agents working in another segment of our industry. As much as in some ways it goes against my personal code, in the spirit of understanding the entire playing field I would encourage young protectors to choose very carefully what they are going after and learn the tools for that type of engagement because these decisions can have lasting implications. However, at the end of the day, it’s impossible to say that one way of doing things is always correct.

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