⚜️Bravo Research Group is a boutique private security company based in Southern California.

We are the element of security here to support the mission of our principals, clients, and stakeholders.

We provide high-end security solutions to corporate entities, VIPs, high-net-worth families, and houses of worship.

With over a decade of experience in over 60 countries, we look forward to supporting the mission of our clients as they live their high-powered lives.


– To contact us directly for our protection products please email admin@bravoresearchgroup.com

– Private security firms please consider joining forces with us for your operations in California.

– Agents, to apply, please visit ⚡️ https://www.bravoresearchgroup.com/ ⚡️ and select the EP jobs tab to fill out our hasty online interview form and get on our roster. WE HAVE POSITIONS AVAILABLE.

⭕️️ Interested parties please reach out directly to admin@bravoresearchgroup.com

⭕️️ AND visit https://www.bravoresearchgroup.com/

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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