⚜️ For this podcast episode we have Byron Beplay @byron_bts_k9 former Ranger and founder of BTS K9 @btsk9_. We discuss his foundation Rescue 22, protection dogs, whether they make good family pets, stories involving dogs rescuing humans, and much more.


US Army Veteran of 13 years, 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Regiment. Byron began his dog training career after he separated from the Army and began working with his service dog. He became a passionate advocate for the Rescue 22 Foundation and Veteran suicide awareness.

He ventured into protection sports and developing protection dogs working under leading trainers in the U.S. and attending many schools and seminars in the disciplines of decoying, protection, detection, military and law enforcement K9 development. Byron enjoys working with his own personal dog in scent detection and volunteers his time to help with local law enforcement K9

💻 https://btsk9.com
💻 https://rescue22foundation.org

Podcast Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
01:47 – Who is Byron Beplay at his core
04:44 – About Rescue 22 Foundation
07:44 – What is Byron Beplay’s background
22:27 – Introducing Byron’s dog
30:09 – Can a protection dog be a family pet?
38:47 – Stories of dogs rescuing humans
45:00 – Introducing Charlie
55:15 – Closing questions

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