⚜️ For this Protector Nation podcast, I’m excited to have as my guest Thomas Coyne @survival_expert founder of Coyne Survival Schools. We discuss our upcoming joint course the California Grid Down Survival Course: 👉 https://protectornation.com/california-grid-down-survival-course-overview which I’m crazy stoked about and more!


Simply a must 👀 watch and 🎧 listen!



Former Firefighting Helicopter Crew Member (HELITACK), EMT, Helicopter Hoist Rescue Team Member, Helicopter Rappeller, Search and rescue Technician, Fire Crew Squad Leader, Confined Space Rescue, Technical Ropes Rescue, Swift Water Rescue Technician, HAZMAT Operations, Dunker trained (emergency aircraft underwater egress), and a member of the helicopter rescue team for the first civilian space shuttle launches. Tom is also trained in the ICS & NIMS Disaster Management Systems.


⚡Enroll before all the spots are sold out: 👇 https://protectornation.com/california-grid-down-survival-course-overview


🤜🤛 Protector by nature and by trade / MAN OF PEACE / @Byron_Rodgers


🎥 Video editing & 🎨 Graphics by @art_production07

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