⚜️California range weekend was a training OP that was on a whole another level!

My first period of instruction was with Fabio who runs a shop called, My Own Defender. What I love most about his training company is that they offer a service where they train anyone who wants to become a protector on how to become formidable.

You go through a six-month work-up with one training day on a Saturday per month. Fabio set you up with an online training regiment for you to get the lessons in, practice at home so you’re ready to confirm your skills during your one day in the field.

This way the course doesn’t suck up all your time but helps you get really good information and really good training until you can develop the skills.

Fabio is a very impressive shooter and so it’s been one of my goals to take his Red Dot course for quite some time. Fortunately, when I sought at California Range Weekend I had to dive in. The training with him was everything I hoped it would be and a little bit more.

Check out the video for all the details and the links below to get plugged in.

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