Life is going to hit hard… There truly is nothing you can do about that. No matter what your statuses, your situation or your upbringing, life is going to challenge everything you think you know. Anything within your being that can be shaken will be shaken under the relentless tides of life’s consistent crashing.

I remember how easy it used to be to dream when I was younger but after spending a bit more time in life, it’s almost like circumstances and reality beat the sparkle out of your eyes. You start to value safety and consistency over excitement and adventure. You just want to cover up and weather the storms of life. You want to be safe from the turbulent, ever changing and menacingly wilderness adversities we face every day on this planet. As a result most of us learn to give up our dreams and find a way to hide in a job that acts primarily as safe space rather than a place you can contribute and experience fulfillment from.

What I’ve learned is that, even this doesn’t work. If you do decide to play it safe, then life will simply wear you down and eat your soul day by day as you go to that job you hate in exchange for your lifestyle of stability… Life is going to hit you hard either way. There’s no hiding, there’s no running and there is no getting away. Think about it, you given up your dreams and you’re doing what you need to just to survive but has life laid off your case? NOPE! Life is still hammering away at you and everyone else on the planet.

To me the only thing to do is simply to choose to fight back no matter what and come what may. If I’m going to get punched in the face and hammered on, I’d rather do it in a fight for something I love rather than simply to survive to keep on doing something I hate. The funny thing is, that once you begin to fight

For what you love; you end up enjoying even the fight 100 times more than playing it safe.

We are in this together!

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