⚜️There is a point during a robbery, an ambush, or violent encounter where are you have lost the tactical advantage. Once this happens it’s important to understand what you should give up in order to survive and have a chance to regroup. This tragedy is despicable for many reasons however tactically it is also a painful one to watch. Before you leave your house take inventory of the things you are taking with you and decide ahead of time whether they are worth fighting or dying for. This is a psychological shortcut in case you are confronted with this decision.
Naturally, no one wants to get their car stolen by a few thugs however when it comes to robberies, it’s important to know when you can fight, how are you can fight, and win letting go is actually the most tactical decision to make. My sincerest condolences to the man in the car and hopefully we can begin creating higher quality humans as a nation so tragedies like this begin to decline.

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