⚜️These days people find millions of creative ways to give up their power over their own lives. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen that you cannot change or you cannot take responsibility for. Therefore feeling to take responsibility for where you’re at on your journey and in this life is a convenient way of giving up the one thing you ultimately have control over which is the most important thing you have right now, your life. You are the common denominator in every equation of your life and therefore over time, you will influence the overall outcome of your life more than any other factor.

Maturing and becoming stronger is important primarily because it allows you to affect more, take responsibility for more and positively impact more areas of your life more often. Incremental progress is a fortress and faith without works and execution is nothing. Implement these principles on a regular basis And your life will elevate organically and when it does no one will be able to stop the progress because it will come from who you’re becoming not how you’re pretending.

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