We’ve been raised to praise order, look for order and we need order but something I think many people don’t realize and as often overlooked is simply the reality that chaos keeps order in check. It is out of chaos that we achieve higher order. Chaos triggers our adaptation reflex. Without chaos order can become tyrannical and oppressive. The reality of life is simply that light implies dark, day implies night, life implies death and order requires chaos to validate its integrity. Without chaos at the gates, the order we try to live by quickly descends into dogmatic tradition and we often forget why we are doing things we’ve been doing.

Do not run from the chaos in your life, instead lean into it, learn to embrace it because you can only truly bring lasting order to chaos from inside of it. Those who try to solve the problem from the outside are merely speculating.

Chaos is neither good nor bad just like order both can be merciless, tyrannical and massively destructive. Conversely, many of the most beautiful inventions have come out of chaos and some of the most beautiful civilizations in organizations exist with supreme order. … Until left unchecked for too long, they go too far and then chaos becomes necessary to shuffle the deck and keep them honest. Everything is Grace my friends, chaos is a gift to those who know what to do with it. Learn how to use chaos to grow stronger, be more creative and produce higher quality order. There is alchemy to this.

As for everything else, sometimes an ounce of chaos is necessary to find higher-order and maintain our very way of life…

And make no mistake, no matter how much order we enjoy, chaos is always right there waiting for it to turn. The strongest people in any conflict are the ones who can embody both order and chaos simultaneously and channel it for higher quality outcomes. The strongest warriors are fully integrated. If you will be a Juggernaut for good you must be at home amongst these things.

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