Here’s my take on the disorder or the chaos that happens in your life. Purely my views on the subject, absorb what you like disregard what you don’t. My mindset has been forged through many life experiences to include combat, international travel, The experience of extreme wealth contrasted by extreme poverty‚Ķ Jordan Peterson has been one of my most recent influences but Victor Frankel, Napoleon hill, and many others have assisted me on my personal journey during this life..

Jordan Peterson however has really stood out to me as he has brought so many amazing bodies of work together to present ideas that are extremely potent and pertinent to where humanity is right now in my opinion. I believe this is why he is one of the most controversial and celebrated authors of our times.

Chaos can happen at any point in life, with anybody. It represents an opportunity for you to become your own hero. To achieve higher-order, chaos is the crucible that allows you to evolve, and it triggers your adaptation reflex. With this video, I want to help you deal with the dragon of chaos that’s never going to leave you alone.

We die twice in this life, one is the death of our body and the other is the death of the meaning of our life. The only constant in this life is change, so the earlier we learn to accept and deal with it, the farther ahead we will be in this journey.

We all plant seeds in anticipation, but not all of us reap the harvest of it. I want you to understand that the things that cause you pain are not always bad, they’re tools to help you get better, stronger, and smarter.

If you can change your perspective, you can change your performance.

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