⚜️ For the 100th episode of the Protector Nation podcast, we are doing something a little different. We are showcasing our Civilian Protector Project and giving you a sneak peek at all it offers and how you can participate.


🔹 ONLINE TRAINING: Members have access to a wide range of online training courses, covering topics such as firearms safety, self-defense, and first aid.

🔹 LIVE MEETINGS: Members can attend live meetings with professional instructors to learn more about specific topics or to practice their skills.

🔹 IN-PERSON TRAINING: Members can also participate in in-person training courses, which offer a more immersive learning experience.


Simply a must 👀 watch and 🎧 listen!


If you enjoy this content and want to become a better protector consider joining our growing community at 🤜 http://protectornation.com


🤜🤛 Protector by nature and by trade / MAN OF PEACE / @Byron_Rodgers


🎥 Video editing & 🎨 Graphics by @art_production07

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