A huge factor that makes differences amongst people is – “Hunger”. You’ve got to find a way to stay hungry. What is it that you want to fight for, what you want to die for? Ask yourself this question, “Is life happening to you or is life coming through you?”. You have to figure out where your locus of control is, if it is external you need to work hard and internalize it. It’s very important to find your motivation deep inside your identity. At times, you will feel getting beaten down on this journey of unlocking your potential but you need to learn and differentiate between emotion and logic.
I talk a lot about motivation, perceptual empowerment, alchemy of the mind but what I find is, so much of it is really the art of dealing with death. Until you become confident enough to accept the fact that we’re all gonna die, and each day is a battle to win, you’ll never be able to achieve the best version of yourself.

There is nothing that will bring you closer to destruction than comfort. Kill the comfort, kill the weaker versions of yourself, and try to find pleasure in pain.

Protector by nature and by trade
– Byron

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