From time to time I like to interview professionals at all levels of the game, Kevin has been in for just a few years but he is advancing quickly. This interview is a fresh perspective of what it’s like to penetrate the industry and to climb the ranks at this present time in the game.

Kevin was definitely the rookie of the year when I found him. He jumped right in, took initiative for many things other professionals didn’t, and instantly made an impression. The magic of this is simply that guys who take pride in their work, or dependable, and do a good job are also guys that you can recommend for new opportunities with a clear conscience. You can do this knowing that they will perform and won’t let you or the person you recommending them to down. This turns out to be one of the tricks to advancing in this industry very quickly and Kevin is definitely leveraging that.

One of the marks of a true professional has to do with the amount of time they invest in themselves and their craft when they are not on the clock and I’ve always been impressed that Kevin continues to train with the best of them. I’m truly looking forward to continuing to watch Kevin ground and the contributions he will make to our industry. There’s definitely something for everyone in this episode!

Protector by nature and by trade

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Itinerary of information during the episode :

01:06 – Introduction
05:47 – Security world
09:13 – The baddest dude in the world
14:16 – The craziest thing
27:42 – How to handle situations
35:50 – Having some sort of weakness
45:03 – A basic minimum wage
55:34 – The measure of a man is by the measure of his problems
01:08:59 – Stress-induced training
01:14:36 – Relationship equity
01:16:24 – End Credits

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