⚜️Another day, that brings another opportunity to sacrifice more and gain more honor. The bigger your sacrifice, the bigger your honor. We will all be known by what it is that we’re able to sacrifice, and what we can’t. So do what’s necessary to really be on that level. The sacrifices you’re able to make are the key to what you ultimately become.

Strive to be strong enough to be in the chaos of darkness and bring light into it, like a warrior. A man who cannot control his body will never be successful and this is why you must eliminate the weaker versions of yourself to win the ultimate battle.

Never be afraid to fall down, failure is a part of the journey depicting that you’re still learning. You actually need every single failure you may need in order to become more accurate. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn so never be afraid to make that commitment to yourself and keep working towards being a better version of yourself every single day.

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