You’ve got to find a way to be the best version of yourself, the world needs it, you need it, your God needs it! When people try to tell me what I can or can’t do, I see how hollow they are from inside, I feel compassion for them as I find them weak and superficial. Remember, confidence comes from experience, and no one can take that away from you. It’s your discipline and power that makes you strong enough to achieve your purpose.

The road to progress is a beautiful thing, but you must have the courage to get started. If you want to become successful in any endeavor, you must keep trying even if you’ve failed several times. Sometimes you win, sometimes to learn, but never give up. You need to become the alchemist of failure. Failure helps you recognize the areas that you need to evolve in. You not only need to be aware of your limitations but also of your capabilities. And that’s how you gain actual confidence, this is the gaaamee!

By knowing your imperfections, you know your greatness. Your obstacle is the path to success, so chase that failure, live your life at the edge of chaos & order.

People can’t treat you better than they treat themselves. Your success is a reflection of such people’s inabilities. It’s ok if you’re afraid, we’re all afraid but your relationship with fear changes – it becomes a target indicator. The path to getting mentally, emotionally, physically stronger has got very little to do with fear. There’s nothing to fear except for inaccuracy.

Know who you are, find yourself, create yourself every single day!

Protector by Nature and by Trade
– Byron

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