We all struggle with gathering the courage to do the things we know we should and are supposed to in this life. I’ve just simply come to the realization that for every single thing I should be doing and I’m not getting done for one reason or another… For everything that exists in my world that I’m putting off, postponing, and making excuses not to go out and do… Every day that passes without doing those things is a day that I’m being a coward. Cowardice disguises itself as intellect, wisdom, caution, and many other different things. We all know how to become the best versions of ourselves but what makes it tricky is the discipline, faithful action, and consistency required to unlock the gifts hidden within the things we know we’re supposed to do…

Deep down inside I know that there’s no good reason for putting things off other than the fact that I’m avoiding difficulty, discomfort, and confrontation with weaker versions of myself. Never forget that everything you want and the person you ultimately want to become is waiting for you on the other side of your discipline… Don’t be a coward. Killing the coward is one of the most important parts of our journey during this life.

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