During this podcast with Craig Sawyer a.k.a. the SAWMAN. We talk about human trafficking and the effect it has on America. We talk about how to protect your children and loved ones as well as what it takes to be a modern-day protector.

Craig Sawyer has not only fought human trafficking and sex slavery directly but he also endured an attack by this evil within his own family on his daughter… We spoke about that as well in an effort to educate people on this type of evil and how we can all face it together.

We are all really impacted by this dark and evil industry so there’s something for everyone in this one… ENJOY and don’t miss our massive event coming up “The Protector Symposium 5.0” https://www.protectorsymposium.com/

⭕ ABOUT Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer @real_sawman ⭕️

Background: Marine veteran, Navy SEAL TEAM SIX , sniper, counter-terrorism team lead, High-Threat Mobile Security operations for the U.S. Department of State in Iraq, founder of Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR). Director of The documentary Contraland.

The “SAWMAN“ will be our keynote speaker delivering a presentation on what it takes to be a modern day protector and how that plays into one of the biggest industries in the world right now, human trafficking. This presentation is all about the DNA of who we are as Protectors and the reality that human trafficking can and does affect every single one of us whether we know it or not.


The Protector Symposium 5.0 is coming in hot!

The theme this year is urban protection tactics. Everything from protecting around vehicles, protecting inside of structures, WEAponology, and CCW tactics for when you’re in the clinch our topics we will be covering at this once-in-a-lifetime training opportunity.

Our aim is to make the world a safer place by teaching good
people how to become more dangerous..

WHEN: September 16, 17 and 18
WHERE: Tuscon, Arizona

To register and purchase tickets, visit

Featured Experts at the Event:
⭕️ Kawa Mawlayee @kawa_m_official
⭕️ Raul @raul.martinez.jr
⭕️ Ed Calderon @edsmanifesto_
⭕️ Instructor Zero @instructorzero
⭕️ Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer @real_sawman

? Go to https://www.protectorsymposium.com/

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