Earlier this year I went through Mike Pannone’s Hybrid Pistol course, and it was insane. Ever since I’ve been out from the USMC, I haven’t been to any kind of training that was so strenuous, and it was quite the training experience. The way Mike explains everything about pistol work, pistol fundamentals and how to do things that you’ve been doing for years is amazing. To hear these same concepts and principles from his deep level of understanding will simply blow your mind. Our biggest blind spots are located amongst the things we think we know, people with more perspective can help us upgrade our own understanding and that is why I submit myself to great individuals as often as possible and Mike is one of the greatest of those great individuals I was blessed with access to via this course.

Mike Pannone has lived the life of a warrior for over 30 years. He is a former operational member of U.S. Marine Reconnaissance, Army Special Forces, and 1st SFOD-D (Delta). He is a certified FLETC Firearms Instructor, Federal Air Marshal Instructor, NRA Certified L/E Patrol Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor, Glock Armorer, and Simunition® FX® Scenario and safety Instructor. He has lived combat arts and has achieved the highest level of training. So, to have an opportunity to learn from somebody like him is an honor. For more on Mike go to https://www.ctt-solutions.com

He was also one of our guest speakers at the Protector Symposium. Head on over to protectorsymposium.com and listen to his segment if you’ve missed it or would like a replay. He has a great depth of knowledge concerning firearms – how to use them or manipulate them. He explains the fundamental concepts of firearms training, why you’re doing it and what are the failure points around it. This course is extremely valuable and outstanding. There’s not a lot of talking, but a lot of work in this 2-day Hybrid Pistol Course.

I also had the pleasure of recording a short interview with Mike (you will see it in the video). He talks about how the course is designed for everybody and how he identifies everybody’s skill set and how can that be improved. He also elaborates on how this course brings out the real-world component in the range world. He asserted that the Hybrid Pistol Shooting course is a lot of work, you have to put the time in, and practice your skills.

I walked away from this course and I felt even more intimate with my firearm like it is an extension of me and as if we are one. The difference between Mike P and many others out there is simply that he comes from a place of experience rather than theory and beyond that is extremely intelligent and has been studying these topics in order to survive and instruct for years. No magic beans, just life lessons paid for and sweat, blood and experience; This is different than many of the other trainers you’re following on your favorite social media channel.

So, if you have an opportunity to train with Mike Pannone you better take advantage of it because he’s a living legend and who knows when he’s going to get off the ride. I hope to have many more opportunities to learn from Mike and to bring more content about what he’s doing to make good people more dangerous to the industry! special thanks directly to you Mike for all of your many contributions of blood, sweat and tears that have made this world a safer place over the years.

Connect with Mike through his website: https://www.ctt-solutions.com

Protector by Nature and by Trade
– Byron

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