Dale L. June is a former U.S. Secret Service Agent serving the Presidential Protective Division at the White House with four presidents: plus, serving in the Sacramento and San Diego field Offices. He worked directly with executives of multi-national corporations, VIPs, political figures, royalty, and celebrities and liaison and interaction with law enforcement, fire departments and medical personnel, as well as international law enforcement agency personnel.

Dale has an M.A. Degree in Special Studies/Criminal Justice from George Washington University; B.A. Degree Public Administration, Sacramento State University; Co-Founder of Henley-Putnam University and writer of approximately forty of the university courses; Course Developer of Homeland Security; Terrorism; and Emergency Management Courses for Career Education Corporation. Recently he rewrote two criminal justice courses for National University (Los Angeles) and is an adjunct professor at National University, National Polytech College and Compton College.
He has over three decades’ experience teaching at the college and university levels as an instructor of criminal justice, psychology, sociology, history and drug addiction-related courses and is an avid reader of psychology related material to gain insight into the psychological, sociological, and biological causes and remedies of dysfunction, depression, and personality factors.

Dale June is a man who’s made some truly amazing contributions that are seen in his bio. With this new addition that he is just released called an “Introduction to Executive Protection”, he has continued to create educational products that make our industry better. It has always been a great honor and privilege to have conversations like this with living legends in the space that not only have done amazing work but who endeavor to give I’m on experience in order to make us all better. Dale has been teaching, instructing and mentoring many professionals like Elijah Shaw and others for years now and it is a great privilege to highlight him as an amazing practitioner and also ass a contributor to our space. This conversation covers many different things within the executive protection industry from his time in the White House to his time in the field and also information about our current terrorist threat to rain here at home… ENJOY!

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01:27 – Introduction
10:20 – Terrorist Threat
14:55 – Bombs don’t discriminate
22:01 – Secret service
26:31 – The motivation
31:51 – A rare commodity
40:24 – A cognitive dissonance
46:53 – Heroes, villains, and fools
54:04 – Executive Protection Summit
01:01:50 – The dumbest thing I’ve ever done
01:08:01 – Introduction to Executive Protection
01:09:29 – End Credits

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