⚜️Let’s talk about the recent incident doing the rounds in news, Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl. As an Executive Protection Specialist myself, this incident is closely related to what I do, and the industry I’m in, but this discussion is not to throw salt at someone or be disrespectful in any way, it’s just to understand how things escalate very quickly and what we can learn from these types of situations. As private security professionals, we do everything we can to mitigate risks and learn from mistakes – ours as well as others to make this world a safer place.

In this particular incident, the attacker assaulted the principal from the front row. When you’re setting up the security at a venue like this, you need to ensure there are protectors placed at various key places inside the venue. They can be behind the curtains, on stage near the principal, and amongst the audience, keeping an eye on everything happening around them and communicating with each other. The reason why this attacker was able to jump right up to the stage from the front row is because of the security lapse that occurred. Even after the attack, it took a bit of a time for the security assets to reach the spot of assault, that’s a very important consideration to keep in mind. Stay in the vicinity of your client as much as possible. If you have to hide, be somewhere close so that you can respond instantaneously.

Listen in to the video till the end, because I go on to describe the actual auditorium set up and how I would place the agents at venue such as these. This video is just my way of contributing to an industry that I belong to, and value a lot.

Learn the skills to protect yourself and let’s make this world a safer place by making good people more dangerous!

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