The people who are impacted by what others say about them are the ones who do not know who they are. When others say something about you, without being a part of your journey, it’s just their misunderstanding. I feel compassionate for these people, and I know that if they watch me long enough, they’ll know who I am and what I truly believe in.

Every time you do something, they said you couldn’t do, you prove them wrong. When you put in the hard work, no matter what anyone says, you will become your own person. Your opponents will try to wither you down but as long as you work on yourself, and stay on the right path you’ll learn that self-discovery, self-creation, self-acceptance, and self-sacrifice are all different components that synergize into self-transcendence and personal evolution.

It is on this path, and through this journey, that you become who you were always created to be and from there you can fulfill your destiny and accomplish your mission by the grace of God. The stronger you become, the higher your quality of service, and the greater your contribution can be.

Let’s get after it!

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