My everyday morning routine comprises of a rigorous workout. And, when I’m done working out my whole being is energized and I’m ready to face life to the best of my ability. Having a vision in life is very important, it’s everything. It’s very important to be able to elevate your vision, it’s the one thing that separates people. Listening to people who have higher quality problems gives you a higher quality thought process and a higher quality perspective.

“Who are you? You’re the thing that transforms who you are”

The whole world around you starts to change, the day you sacrifice the weaker version of yourself. But, always know the difference between confidence and arrogance. Keep challenging yourself, to be your personal best. When your ability increases so does your vision. Life is truly about making your best, better. Learn from the darkness, run towards it, and learn to master it. Use your fear and weakness as target indicators.

Destruction is merely the responsibility of who you are. The pain is providence if you can give it a purpose. This is the game, this is the way and this is how you hear well done!

Protector by Nature and by Trade

– Byron

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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