⚜️ For this Protector Nation podcast I’m excited to have as my guest Matthew Murphy the president of the Sentinel Foundation US. We discuss a disturbing and serious topic and that is pedophiles preying on kids online and some of the things parents can do to remain vigilant in protecting their children.


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He was a US Army Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper, Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller, Communications Specialist, Foreign Weapons Expert, Unconventional Warfare Expert, and speaks Arabic in the Levantine and Modern Standard dialects. 


He is a veteran of wars in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He has taught Close Quarters Combat, Sniper, Carbine, Rifle, Pistol, Intel, and Soviet-made Weapon courses to the special operation forces of Allied Countries and Partner Forces throughout Europe, the Stans, and the Middle East. 


Matthew is the founder of Operation Light Shine a non-profit charity headquartered in Nashville, TN whose mission is to combat human trafficking and pedophilia. He left Operation Light Shine in 2023 to take the President role at the Sentinel Foundation and build out a strategic intel and operational approach to combat human trafficking and exploitation in the US. He is a native of Memphis, TN, and resides in Nashville, TN. He is married to Paige Murphy and they have three daughters.


🔗 Learn more at 👉 https://foundationsentinel.org 


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