Full uncensored video here: Dirty CQB & Room Clearing | Tactical Protection Review #238 | Protector Nation (circle.so)

⚜️ This Tactical Protection Review includes a nasty real dirty close-quarter battle and room clearing. The real world often is not as clean as our Hollywood scenes or training demonstrations. It is more fluid, ad-hoc, and improvised! 


Train so you can be better at being a scalpel with a chainsaw. We must Improve our planning for any black swan events that may pop up, there is always incoming… be ready.


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In this world, the strongest and most formidable wins, be peaceful but not harmless. Our mission is to make THE WORLD A SAFER PLACE BY MAKING GOOD PEOPLE MORE DANGEROUS.


🤜🤛 Protector by nature and by trade / MAN OF PEACE / @Byron_Rodgers



🎥 Video editing & 🎨 Graphics by @art_production07

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