⚜️When you open up your life to other people, be sure that they are the types of people who can elevate your perspective because that’s what is going to dictate your performance. Be ruthless in the types of people you allow into your inner circle. Fixing your expectations with people whom you meet helps you to avoid disappointment and this holds true for personal as well as professional relationships.
You cannot expect other people to see your vision, no matter how close you’re with them. Your closed ones love you enough to not let you go all out and experience the battles of life, that you must fight. No everyone can see what you see, and not everyone can tell who you’re capable to be. Stop looking for help, and just get to work – that’s the only way.
If you don’t know how strong you are, you have no starting point. It’s your duty to know what you have, build what you have, and submit what you have. You may not be good enough right now, but having the strength to set off on your path is the game right now!
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