Discipline and Desire. People around me are seldom telling me that I have a lot of things that I want. And I always tell them, the reason why I work hard is because I want to make great contributions to the people around me, the society and the nation. That is how I validate myself. The bigger the contribution, the more I can serve. The bigger the serve, the better the service is! Ego is important, we need to learn to manage it.

But, what I want you guys to think about today is that, does your discipline match with your desire? Because, if it doesn’t you’re missing the fuel that makes your desire the reality. So many people have the desire but they don’t have the discipline to work towards it. The goal of discipline is to have you move from a positive habit to a way of life. In order to be a man, you gotta become the man and that’s the whole game. The discipline is what that gets you on the process that causes you to become the person who’s able t sustain and manage the things that you desire.

It’s the biggest battle of our lives, to become the best version of ourselves in order to make a contribution at the highest level.

Protector by Nature and by Trade
– Byron

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