In some ways we are all drifting but that does not absolve us from the reality and responsibility of taking the wheel. There are so many things in our lives that we simply cannot control so I find this walk to be one of both submission as well as deliberation.

Becoming powerful is so important for so many reasons as I believe that at the genesis of almost every problem in your life you will find weakness seated in the energy of fear. Conversely, no matter how strong you are able to become, the thought that you are actually in control of everything in this life is nothing more than a Maroge and something most people indulge in as an inner-psychic protection strategy /Comfort mechanism.

Personally I found that the most useful, comforting and empowering approach has simply been to focus on becoming as strong and formidable as possible in order to be able to influence and affect more. The art of controlling what I can control while practicing serenity do those things that are in Gods hands goes far. Living in all diligence with regards to leveraging the things you have been given. Then prioritizing and executing on the objectives in front of you consistently. This approach allows you to have an astounding impact on your world while also being as prepared as you can be to deal with the inevitable mountains/valleys and changing seasons of life.
So are you drifting or driving?
How much of it are you taking control of?

You can’t change what you can’t take responsibility for so if you want things to change become strong enough to handle the responsibility relative to impacting your situation in your favor.

The obstacle is usually the path. The last consideration is simply the reality that without taking control there are very few happy endings… Everything is moving towards entropy and extinction truly is the default so turn the lights on and get to work or things just have a tendency to get lost in the darkness. We ultimately arrive at our destiny or fate over takes us.

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