⚜️Elijah Shaw has been making large contributions to the Executive Protection Industry for years now. He has not only been operating at the top of the game with regards to multiple client demographics but he has also been developing educational products to help us all elevate our game as an industry as well.

Anyone who is having success and is willing to share how they are having that success or that progress is someone I respect and that’s exactly what Elijah has been doing.

Between his book – “An Introduction to Celebrity Protection & Touring”, the creation of his executive protection app called the Protector app and the co-authorship with Mr. Dale June on the fourth edition of an introduction to executive protection, Elijah Shaw is doing more than enough to contribute in ways that will leave a legacy of a man working to improve the game we all love.

It’s an absolute honor to have him as one of the elite masters at the League of Executive Protection Specialists. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from him, join the program today.


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