⚜️ I got to see the sunrise this morning on my run and it was truly priceless. 🌄

The most beautiful and valuable things we get to enjoy in this life are free or at least they don’t cost any money. Money is a very important tool that can make or break us in many ways but don’t let that man-made construct / matrix we are forced into and enslaved to rob you of all inspiring, priceless valuables that surround us as we live our lives.

Unplug from the stress of constant production and plug into the providence and beauty of our our planet, your relationships and the power of choice we have at our disposal. These things are truly invaluable gifts. Never forget that gratitude is a very powerful tool that can open the floodgates of positivity in your life on a daily basis.

Run your own race to the best of your ability with honor, dignity and focus. Do not get sucked in the scarcity mentality we’ve been conditioned into. There truly is more than enough to go around as long as we don’t all fight over the same things. As you unlock your potential, you will realize that what God has for you in this life is something that only you can unlock by becoming better and serving on higher and higher levels. To focus on, compete with or attack what anyone else is doing is to trade your beauty for ashes and race towards an unattainable illusion.

Appreciate what you have, work to for more, serve others and deliberately live your life as if you’re painting a masterpiece. We are all truly so blessed just for being here and the only question left to be answered is simply, what are each of us willing to do with it?

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