In this episode myself, Christian and Pablo talk about a new groundbreaking Executive Protection live event… This will be unlike anything the industry has seen or done before don’t miss it!

The EP Forum is an event for professional protectors who are looking to elevate their careers together. The goal is simply to give some of the most successful among us a platform to teach how to do what they’ve done – so we can all improve the quality of the service were rendering our principles, clients and teams together. This is how we make the industry a better, more respectable, more efficient, effective and prosperous place.

We have brought together a power-packed roster for this one day live in person event. There will be networking, training opportunities, and quality industry specific information that you cannot get anywhere else in our space.

The EP Forum is an auxiliary event designed to add value to your time in Las Vegas attending the Close Protection Conference. However, the EP Forum is different in format and mission with its smaller, inner-circle size and overall outcome for those in attendance. The value proposition here is huge, you will get to learn from and interact with eight instructors in one day thanks to technology and format!

⭕️ Space truly is limited so get your tickets now through

iNSTRUCTORS include:
?Aaron Mauldin @adventures_of_epaaron
?Elijah Shaw @sunsear
?Christian West @danishvikingcw
?Joe LaSorsa @jlasorsa3
?Jacquie Davis
CP/Surveillance Operative/Author/Lecturer
?Pablo Monasterio @pmonasterio
?Steven Summerville of @sentinelsecurity
?Caleb Gilbert – Global Security Management

? Tickets now

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