⚜️ This is me at the EP Forum & Close Protection Conference interviewing various executive protection professionals with Constantine Ioannou CEO at Sentinel Security Plus out of Toronto Ontario. It was an amazing time because we were able to interview many different protectors from all over the world! Engaging in conversations about what the industry is doing and where they were at in their careers. 


You will notice a certain theme comes up having to do with training and many other topics. This was an amazing time with some amazing conversations with some amazing professionals. We feel like you will get amazing value from these private security professionals, we thank them for their participation and their contact information follows:


🤝 Constantine Ioannou 





🤝 Suzanna Alsayed, MDEM





🤝 Ashton and David of Charlie Mike Protection



🤝 Chance Wilson



🤝 Cesar Gomez



🤝 Anderson Herbert



Remember, if you want to be good at being a protector you must realize that it is more than just a job it really is a lifestyle! 👉 Train with us at http://epspecialist.com


Podcast show notes

00:00 - Introduction
01:31 - How Susanna got into the Panel
06:19 - 1 thing Suzzana Alsayed helps people with
08:10 - Byron's goal as an influencer
12:46 - The importance of the algorithm
17:59 - Anderson Herbert
22:52 - Cesar Gomez
30:23 - Ashton & David
36:49 - Chance Wilson


🎥 Video editing by @art_production07



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