??BOOM! In this session at The Executive Protection Forum, Jacquie Davis has a conversation about the importance of who you know in the close protection/executive protection game.

For over thirty years Jacquie Davis | @optimalrisk has survived as one of the top operators in a male-dominated profession — the secretive, often dangerous world of being a bodyguard — or to give the profession its proper name, close protection officers. She’s had so many close scrapes with death while risking everything for her clients, Jacquie is genuinely surprised to still be alive. She has been stabbed, thrown through a shop window, was shot at several times, including by Kashmiri snipers, and chased through some of the world’s most dangerous countries. She also freed a young British woman who was being held captive in Pakistan, and rescued men imprisoned by Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday, in Iraq.

Join us this year to network, be part of the community, and most importantly be part of the executive protection conversation yourself as we always aim to get everyone in the crowd into the exchange.


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WHEN: Dec 07, 2022
WHERE: Galaxy Theatres Boulevard Mall – Las Vegas, NV


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Byron Rodgers | @byron_rodgers

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