The Protector Series is a web series about a character called Protector Zero played by Byron Rodgers. The stories are a fusion between Byron‘s real world experiences in the private sector and current events facing professional protectors all over the world.


the story of one man who has answered his call as a protector of the highest order. The character’s name is Protector Zero and he is based off of real life executive protection agent/bodyguard Byron Rodgers. In the stories and scenarios that are depicted in the series, Protector Zero overcomes many different adversaries, challenges and dangerous situations all over the world. Some of the content is fiction while much of it is laced with real life experiences from Byron‘s travels to over 70 different countries around the world, conducting protection operations for almost 2 decades.

Much of this series is larger than life but it is also laced with real world experiences, tactics and gear used by protectors in reality. We’ve put this body of work together to inspire others to be the type of person who will pick up and defend the weak and innocent amongst us. As a protector by nature and by trade Byron‘s mission is to make the world a safer place by making good people more willing, capable and prepared to defend what they love in these dark times. The Protector Series is simply one more tool and body of work in media designed to multiply protectors in the world, because protectors are the white blood cells in the body of humanity.

will be beautifully produced to give the viewer a feeling that he is watching a movie and is very much with the protector as he executes different missions. The mission of the series is to show the action avatar utilizing real-world equipment and tactics that everyday protectors should consider utilizing in the field. Byron is a known contributor to the tactical space with a legitimate background as a Marine Corps infantryman with Combat deployments and experience. He now is one of if not the most recognized private security/executive protection agents in the world. He has the largest and most listened to executive protection podcast/brand and he also has his own training school.

On the civilian side he’s launched the Protector Nation where he hosts live training events with anywhere from 100 to 475 patrons strong which is supported by an online library where good people can go to learn how to become more formidable 24X7. Utilizing Byron as the main character will give this content a very real look and feel because the viewer will not know if this is entertainment or a glimpse into what Byron does at work on a daily basis. We will walk the line between fantasy and reality, we will entertain and equip, we will contribute to making the world a safer place by inspiring good people to become more dangerous.

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