New year New you Time for the new year… I hope you made the most of the last one, we will all see who makes the most of this next one. In this life you can only have excuses or results, there is only victory or capture. So, if you don’t work hard, work smart and stay consistent, you will lose. This podcast episode of considerations is all about the mindset I approached the new year with and I share this in hopes that I might inspire a few people, encourage a few people, empower a few people and contribute in a way that helps someone take their game to the next level. This podcast is not only about Executive Protection tips, tactics and principles but it is also about lifestyle because it is the right lifestyle behind what we do that empowers us to truly be good at our work. Don’t let this new year be the type of year that requires you to create a “new you” at the end of it. Make this year the year that you create a version of yourself that is the foundation of your greatness and that you can not only love but also respect for years to come. Learn to leverage everything that you’ve gone through in order to make it all work in your favor. Be the Alchemist of your life by finding the purpose in all of the pain of the processes you’ve been going through over the years. If you can do this then you will unlock the potential hidden in those processes. Most people are blinded by the pain, the hard work or the shame and so they miss out on the lesson and the purpose of the process. They see it only as struggle but not as providence, so they stay weak. If you learn to face the struggle valiantly and don’t let it destroy you, then you will realize that it is that same struggle that you need and is necessary in order for you to be strong enough not only to make it to but also to maintain at the next level. This episode is all about considerations for the new year, enjoy and thank you so much for listening. God bless, Semper Fi and happy new year!

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

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