Ivor Terret

My time with Ivor was fantastic as it always is. He is a consummate professional with no need for bravado because he knows his practice and specialties inside and out. With a career that spans well over two decades his kindness and humility is that of a man that genuinely has nothing left to prove besides his drive for contribution and his love for his fellow man.  The contribution that I’m most familiar with that Ivor is making is around covert protection strategies and this component of private security is gaining momentum and popularity very quickly. No matter what type of security detail you are currently running I believe there are definitely tools that can be borrowed from this discipline that will simply improve the overall quality of your security strategy.

Ivor Bio

Ivor Terret, is currently based in Israel, where upon leaving national service in the Israel Defense force and Israeli Police he was selected to help found and architect a government Surveillance Detection and Covert Security Unit tasked with protecting Heads of State and Strategic Sites. Prior to joining the unit, Ivor was the first in South Africa to lead a security organization securing 60 medium to high risk faith related sites in Cape Town.

Ivor has designed and implemented security master plans for covert counter terror units, high-risk facilities, protective details and has consulted on a myriad of projects including mass transport hubs, business parks, hotels, residences, high risk facilities and factories.

Ivor brings over two decades of international counter terror experience at both the official and private sector levels including instructing hundreds of students from high-risk facility security teams, government covert VIP units, government Surveillance Detection units, hotel security senior management, aviation security personnel and senior management, specialized law enforcement and counter terror units as well as corporate EP and SD units.

Ivor met the stringent standards for teaching counter terror security procedures as set forth by the Israeli Police Force and has delivered counter terrorism focused security training to security forces working in high risk areas within Israel.

Ivor enjoys public speaking and has presented at London’s Counter Terror Expo, numerous occasions at ASIS international conferences and regularly appears as a security expert on international news shows.

Ivor holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester where he was awarded the esteemed Dissertation of the Year Award for his research. Ivor is the elected Chairperson of the ASIS Israel Chapter for year 2016 and 2017.

Questions & Conversation

  • Introduction and background
  • How did you get into this game?
  • Why are you in the game of protection?
  • What do you love most about the industry?
  • Love least about the industry?
  • What would you say to guys getting into industry?
  • Mistakes that you’ve learned from?
  • Proudest moment in the game
  • Risk assessments
  • Definition
  • Primary considerations
  • Uses
  • Example
  •  Surveillance detection
  • How important is it and why?
  • Take away about surveillance detection
  •  Covert Protection
  •  Definition
  •  Context
  •  Advantages/disadvantages
  •  Experience
  •  Your training course – is it for everyone?
  • Implementing routine procedures to emergency procedures what to do “emergency starts” begins.
  •  How to put these types of procedures together
  •  Have we failed just because an attack has started?
  •  What to do after an attack has started
  • Why did you choose consulting and training over manpower?
  • What does executive protection mean to you?
  • Significant Rituals that you think make you a better person and Agent (daily monthly etc.).
  • What are you doing now?
  • Where can we find you?





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